A well estabished gaming community
with an active discord of 2200+ members
PVE cluster of nine servers for the
Steam version of Ark: Survival Evolved
Eight full time maps and a five
weekly wipe rotation server
Fulltime maps: The Island, Extinction
Aberration, Ragnarok, Lost Island, Genesis 1
Genesis 2, Fjordur
Rotation server: Scorched Earth
Valguero, Crystal Isles
(wiped and map changed every five weeks)
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ULTRA PC's servers

Here at ULTRA, we run a PVE cluster of nine servers for the Steam version of Ark: Survival Evolved with eight full time maps and a five weekly wipe rotation server.

Fulltime maps: The Island, Extinction, Aberration, Ragnarok, Genesis 1, Genesis 2, Lost Island, Fjordur
Rotation server: Scorched Earth, Valguero, Crystal Isles, (wiped and map changed every five weeks)

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ULTRA currently runs nine PVE servers for Ark

These are made up of eight full time servers and one five weekly wipe rotation server which switches between Scorched Earth, Valguero and Crystal Isles every five weeks and is fully wiped on each map change

The Island185.239.211.29:31615
Lost Island38.242.230.143:32615

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Mods on ULTRA

ULTRA's PC Ark servers have a few popular mods installed.
Click the image on the left for our modpack or visit each mod individually by clicking the images below

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ARK ULTRA PC In-game Shop

The ARK ULTRA PC shop is available in-game by pressing F3

Alternatively you can also buy from the shop online HERE (this requires that you login to Steam on the website).

Items purchased in the in-game shop are delivered immediately into your inventory (or if you're not in-game currently and buying from the online web shop, the items will arrive in your inventory next time you log in to the servers).

A small amount of tokens is given free to online players several times a day. However should you wish to help support the cost of the cluster (or just want more tokens to buy things) you can also purchase additional tokens for the shop HERE

**ALL proceeds from the shop go straight back into the running costs of the cluster.**


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